Top 15 Australian Desserts and Drinks

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When we hear about Australia, the things that come to mind are beaches, deserts, open spaces, and natural wonders. However, Australia is not just famous for its beautiful places but also for its delicious desserts and refreshing drinks. One can’t possibly imagine the taste of a food or drink until they have tested it. They have quite famous traditional treats that have been passed down from generation to generation and showcase the country’s mixed culturalism. Australia is well-known for its mouth-watering desserts and renowned drinks.

If you search for them, you will end up with a long list, and it will be very challenging to choose which one to pick first. So, to relieve you from the stress, we have collected a list of the top 15 Australian desserts and drinks that you should try when you take a trip to this beautiful country. Many of these recipes have been going on for decades. Some of the recipes did not originate from Australia but came from people who came to Australia a long time ago.

Some recipes got upgraded with time by adding some new ingredients, while others stayed the same in their traditional ways. Below, you will find out about the 15 best Australian desserts and drinks that a person should try at least once in his or her life. Remember to share these delicious foods with friends and family, as the food tastes even better when you enjoy it with your loved ones. So be ready to indulge in these mouth-watering delights that will surely leave you wanting more.

1. Vanilla Slice

Vanilla Slice

The first dessert on our list is called Vanilla Slice. It is an Australian sweet dish that is stuffed with custard, sandwiched between puff pastries, and topped with vanilla icing, icing sugar, or thinly iced. The structure of it looks like a box, brick, or block. Similar varieties of this dish exist in Europe and North America. It is believed that this dish was originally invented in France, and there it is called ‘Mille-Feuille’ which means ‘a thousand sheets’ since this pastry has multiple layers and each is filled with vanilla custard.

This dish is also called ‘Napoleon’ in “North America”. Although this dish is called by many different names in different countries, In Australia, it is popularly known as the vanilla slice. It is a very famous and popular traditional Australian food that is served as a creamy slice of vanilla and leaves your mouth with a fruity aftertaste. Aussies love this dessert, and it is surely something that a person should try at least once in their life.

2. Pavlova


The second one on our list is the famous dessert in Australia known by the name Pavlova. It is the Australian national dessert and is considered to be one of the most delicious desserts of all time that a person doesn’t want to miss out on. Pavlova is a delicious cake that is encased in meringue and topped with a thick layer of whipped cream and fresh fruits. It makes the cakes a bit crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. This tasty treat can be found at any bakery or cake shop.

Pavlova has a very interesting story behind its origins. There is a debate that has been going on for a long time between Aussies and Kiwis about who invented the Pavlova. It is said that Pavlova was created by a chef named Herbert Sachse in honour of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova when she was visiting Australia in the 1920s. However, New Zealand also claims that they are the ones who invented this famous dessert. Despite its origins, pavlova has become a traditional Australian food that a person should try.

3. Lamingtons


The next item on our list is not just a dessert but a sweet snack to eat while having a cup of tea or coffee. Lamingtons are made from coconuts and are very delicious, tender, soft sponge cakes. They are square-shaped cakes with layers of chocolate and coconut sprinkles. There are several other varieties of lamington cakes; some of them have cream and jam filling between the layers of sponge cake. There are other versions that have simple chocolate coconut squares.

This dessert is not hard to find; it is available in bakeries, supermarkets, and cafes all over Australia. Lamingtons have gained so much popularity that they are considered the “National Cake of Australia.” This sweet treat has a history of its own. It is named after Lord Lamington, a governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901. It is said that Lord Lamington used to enjoy eating sweets very much. One day, he was served this dessert by his chef in the 1900s. He loved it so much that he requested that the dish be named after him.

4. Chocolate Crackle

Chocolate Crackle

The fourth place on the list has been taken by Chocolate Crackle. It is a lovely dessert in Australia that has a combination of creamy and crunchy textures. It is made from cocoa, sugar, butter, and coconut oil, and Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles gives it a delicious chocolate flavour. Making this is also very easy. All a person has to do is mix all the ingredients in a big bowl, then put the mixture in tart cases and put it in the refrigerator.

This dessert has a special place in Aussies’ hearts, as everyone ate it when they were kids, and it is still on the menu at kids’ birthday parties. Chocolate crackles were first made in the 1930s. However, it is said that originally the recipe was printed on the back of the company’s Rice Bubbles cereal box. This dessert is so delicious and simple that it quickly became one of the favourite dishes among Australians.

5. Caramel Slice

Caramel Slice

Caramel Slice is the next dessert on our list; it is also known as the millionaire’s shortbread and is a very famous dish all over Australia. It has a delicious, thick biscuit base that is filled with a broad layer of caramel and butter and topped with a slice of dark chocolate. This dessert is best to eat when it is chilled. It is cut and shaped into small square or rectangular pieces and is easy to find in cafes, bakeries, and supermarkets all over the country.

It is often consumed with a hot cup of tea or coffee and is a popular choice at family gatherings and special occasions. There are other variations of this dessert that include coconut, nuts, and other flavours in the caramel layer. Caramel slices are a famous homemade dessert that many homes have their own unique recipe for. The first time the caramel slice recipe appeared was in the 1970s in Australian Women’s Weekly; it was named ‘Caramel Shortbread’. As time passed, this dessert gained more and more popularity, and now it has global recognition. It is surely a must-try dessert.

6. Iced Vo-Vo

Iced Vo-Vo

Iced Vo-Vo is one of the best desserts in Australia and surely has earned the right to be on this list. It is a cookie-based dessert that has the basic ingredients like the usual butter, sugar, eggs, and flour to make the base, and then it is topped with a pink fondant with a line of raspberry jam in between and sprinkled with dried-up coconut powder. This combination of mixed flavours gives it a fruity flavour and makes it a delicious dessert.

Iced vo-vo is a classic dish that is enjoyed by people of all ages. This sweet treat came into existence in 1906 when a biscuit company in Australia named Arnott’s first came up with the recipe, and because of its yummy taste, it rapidly gained popularity and fame and has been featured in various food blogs, articles, and magazines. It can be found in every Australian home and is enjoyed with afternoon tea and family gatherings. Its beautiful appearance and yummy taste make it a must-try for everyone at least once in their lifetime.

7. Tim Tam

Tim Tam

The next one is also a dessert snack that was made by an Australian biscuit company named Arnott’s in 1964. Tim Tam is a delicious chocolate biscuit brand that is known all over the world. It is two dark chocolate biscuits that are sandwiched with a layer of chocolate cream. However, there are other types of flavours as well, such as white chocolate and salted caramel. This tasty treat is loved and enjoyed by everyone, from little kids to adults and even elderly people.

Tim Tam’s name was given to him by Ross Arnott when he attended the Kentucky Derby in 1958. He decided to give his product the name of the winning horse. One of the main reasons that Tim Tam has become so popular is not just because of its delicious taste but also because of its multi-use. It can be crushed and sprinkled over ice cream to enhance its taste; it can be used as a base for cheesecake; and it can be added to make a tasty milkshake. A person can invent new ways to use Tim Tam, and it will always have a special place in an Aussie’s heart. 

8. Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread

If we make a list of the most popular Australian desserts, then we can’t miss one of the most delicious and famous desserts of all time. Any birthday party or picnic is not complete without the Aussie’s fairy bread. It is not only luscious, but its colourful appearance makes it look really beautiful as well. It has a sugary base with butter and coloured sugar on the bread. Everyone likes to enjoy this amazing dessert, from young ones to adults. Fairy bread has a rich history dating all the way back to the 1920s, when it was mentioned for the first time in a children’s book.

In the 1950s, this dish became a popular party food at children’s birthday parties. One of the reasons for its popularity is because of its affordability and simplicity. It only requires a few ingredients to make this delightful treat. Fairy bread has now become a part of Australian culture and is served at national events and festival celebrations. It is a simple yet extremely popular dessert that can surely bring a big smile to a person’s face when eaten.

9. Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer

Other than the delicious desserts, Australia is also very famous for its amazing drinks. One of the best-known drinks in Australia is ginger beer. This beer is made by following the most traditional methods. First, they dry up the ginger, which they grow locally, so they can make the beer with the best flavour. The ginger gets mixed with juicy sugarcane and water and then cooked till the spicy flavour from the ginger is released. After that, the mixture is added to a special kind of yeast and boiled. Once it has gone through the fermentation process, the beer gets filtered, removing all unnecessary items and leaving only minute particles of ginger in the beer.

A person can drink the beer directly from the bottle, or they can mix it with other drinks and make different types of cocktails with it. Ginger beer has been sold in Australia for a very long period of time. However, it was created in Yorkshire, England, in the 1700s. It was first a non-alcoholic option to beer with just sugar, water, and ginger. Nevertheless, the Australian version of ginger beer has been customised by adding some spiciness to it and has later become one of the most popular drinks in Australia that can be enjoyed on hot summer days.

10. Hippocampus


Following the beer, we now have another alcoholic drink. Hippocampus Metropolitan Distillery is one of the most reputed brands of liquor in Australia. This company makes some of the best-quality gin and vodka. Hippocampus gin is considered one of the best and highest-quality drinks in Australia. They only use high-quality ingredients like lemon, orange, coriander, and cubeb pepper for making gin in the traditional way. For making vodka, they use organic wheat.

The hippocampus’s name was taken from the Greek words hippos, which means horse, and kampos, which means sea monster. Combining the words can make for a seahorse, which is also the logo on the bottle of the drink. These drinks are a perfect combination of different flavours, from the sweetness to the tanginess of fruits. This drink can be drunk separately or used as a mixer for making delicious cocktails. These drinks have become extremely popular and a symbol of fun and relaxation, and they are served at social gatherings and relaxing evenings at home.

11. Goon


The next drink on our list is the goon. How this drink got the name Goon is still unknown. This drink was invented by an Australian bloke from South Australia named Thomas Angove in 1965. This drink comes in a box that contains white wine. It is said that a person might not like the taste of goon when it is tasted for the first time, but when you mix it with some fruit juice, you will love it so much that you won’t leave a single drop of the drink.

This beverage has gained mass popularity all over Australia and the world. One of the reasons it is so famous is because of its low price. Its affordability makes it a convenient option for social gatherings, festivals, and barbecues. Another reason is because of its high alcohol content. It has about 12% to 15% alcohol, which leaves a person buzzing for a long time at a very cheap price.

12. Jagerbombs


Jagerbombs are a delicious and strong cocktail that can get you high and energetic with just one drink. This is a combination of two popular drinks: a strong herbal alcohol named Jagermeister and a famous energy drink named Red Bull. Jagerbombs are also known as the ‘jager bomb’. It has become a very popular Australian drink, and its unique flavour and caffeine make it even more tempting for party addicts and college students looking to have some fun. It is said that jagerbombs were created accidentally when some skiers dropped Red Bull into Jägermeister and called it the Red Bull Blaster in 1997.

However, it has another story for its origins. In the late 1980s, in Germany, a bartender was looking for new ways to make an enjoyable drink by using Jagermeister. Today, this drink has become so popular that it can be found at every bar and club in Australia. Nevertheless, some people consider it a dangerous combination, while others praise its ability to keep them up and going all night long. So if you are planning to drink it, make sure you drink it responsibly.

13. Tooheys


The next drink is for people who love to drink beer. Tooheys is a classic beer that has an amazing taste. This beer bottle comes in various sizes, like a half pint, a pint, and a schooner. Tooheys is a popular and loved brand in Australia. It all started in 1869, when two brothers, John and James Toohey, started a small company in Sydney. As time passed, the company expanded and became the most successful beer company in the country.

Tooheys has become a part of Australian identity as it has been enjoyed by many generations. Tooheys is also very popular because of its wide range of products, as it doesn’t just sell beers but has also expanded its products to other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as ciders, cocktails, and ginger beers. Tooheys are more than just a drink; now they have become a cultural icon that represents the spirit and pride of Australia.

14. Archie Rose

Archie Rose

Another one of the most famous drinks in Australia is the Archie Rose. It is a gin that is made by hand instead of using machines, so you can enjoy every sip of it. The gin tastes very delectable and smooth, making it a worthy purchase. Even though its flavour is considered truly amazing, a person can mix it with other drinks and make a remarkable cocktail. People who love to drink gin particularly shifted to Archie Rose for its delightful taste. Although this drink is a bit expensive, it can be considered ‘money well spent’.

Other than the famous gin, Archie Rose, one of Australia’s most highly awarded distilleries, also sells different drinks like vodka, whisky, and rum that a person can enjoy with his friends and family at social gatherings, birthday parties, and family functions. Their vodka has a nice reputation for its clean and smooth taste, which makes it an ideal choice for the base of cocktails. Archie Rose has managed to receive multiple awards for its amazing drinks. It has also won three times the award of the World’s Best Rye Whisky for its Rye Malt Whisky and eight times for Australia’s Best Single Malt Whisky. Other than that, it has also won the World’s Best Unaged Whisky, the World’s Best Vodka, the World’s Best International Contemporary Gin, and the World’s Best Brand Identity. 

15. 666 Vodka

666 Vodka

The last drink on the list is 666 Vodka. This drink is made locally from the clear waters of Cape Grim and the finest Australian wheat. It is considered one of the best Australian alcohols. There are a few varieties of vodka, such as classic vodka, butter-flavoured vodka, and coffee-flavoured vodka. A person can drink these by taking shots or can mix the butter-flavoured vodka with an espresso martini. This vodka has gained popularity and become a favourite among the locals. However, the number 666 is considered to be the ‘Number of the Beast’ and is associated with the devil, which makes this brand a bit mysterious.

Moreover, 666 Vodka has gained a big reputation for its high purity and quality. Because of its dedication to giving the best quality vodka to its customers, it has won several awards in the Australian spirits industry. It managed to win a gold medal in the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, making it the first Australian Vodka to win this award. You can enjoy this drink in the bar or with friends in the backyard while having a barbecue. 666 Vodka has earned the right in the hearts of people who love to drink vodka.


Australia offers many different types of desserts and drinks that show the country’s culture and flavours. Here we covered traditional desserts like pavlova and lamingtons with company-made creations like Tim Tam and Ice Vo-Vo, along with easy-to-make and yummy-to-eat foods like fairy bread and chocolate crackle. We also covered some of the most famous and reputed drinks in Australia, like ginger beer, hippocampus, Tooheys, and Archie Ross. These top 15 Australian desserts and drinks are sure to satisfy your sweet cravings and thirst. So when you are in Australia, make sure to try these amazing and delicious treats to learn more about the country’s rich and flavorful dessert and drink culture, as this place has something to offer everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Australia’s most famous dessert is pavlova. A delicious cake that is covered in whipped cream and topped with juicy fruits.
Lamington is Australia’s most popular cake. It is considered the national cake in Australia. A square-shaped sponge cake made from chocolate and coconut.
Australia is best known for the espresso martini cocktail. They are a delightful combination of espresso, vodka, and coffee-flavoured liqueurs that are delicious and provide you with lots of energy.
Australians love to drink beer. A study in 2010 found that one Aussie consumed about 10.3 litres of pure alcohol.

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